Friday, 31 August 2018

Conscious Perception at The Stratford Gallery

Balancing act II, Susan Laughton 2018

After several months work twenty one paintings are now on their way to The Stratford Gallery readyfor the opening of 'Conscious Perception'. My paintings will be exhibited alongside the ceramics of Richard Miller. We will both be at the opening on Saturday 8th September, from 2pm, all welcome.

The Stratford Gallery say:

Turner once said "I paint what I see not what I know to be there".  In life our perceptions become more dominant than our known realities and give us the basis for how we feel about the world.  In this exhibition two artists reflect to understand their place in time, past and present.

Susan Laughton produces work that reflects her very deliberate mindfulness about the places that she visits and the experiences they create.  Subtle and peaceful recreations of the world about her, the line of a structure, the angle of a roof beyond a tree-line or the suggestion of form from an abstract view of life. 

Her work is flawless and yet, through the laboured process of applying plaster as her painting surface, also exploits the sense of imperfection that often hides behind our perception of beauty.   Space, perspective and minimalism all combine with deep but subtle colourfields to produce work that is both meditative and intriguing.  

Richard Miller will be known to the millions of viewers who watched BBC TV's 'Great Pottery Throw Down'.  Richard was the on-screen technician who worked trielessly to save the contestants' work when it came to the drying and firing stage. 

Many are not aware that Richard is a very successful and accomplished potter in his own right and has been a gallery favourite since we opened in 2016.  His work explores and juxtaposes style, form and personal history onto vessels that at a glance tell one story but with closer examination reveal a lot more.  The gallery is delighted to announce this major exhibition of new work, new forms and ideas in the show 'Conscious perception'.

detail, As the heat rises, Susan Laughton 2018

Friday, 10 August 2018

Arundel Festival & Art Trail 2018, West Sussex

The Arundel Festival and Gallery Trail starts on the 18th August until 27th August. Gallery 57 will be open every day during the Trail. I have several paintings in the gallery including my little round painting ‘Fieldlines II’ seen here along side an atmospheric David Scott Moore landscape. 
This year Arundel celebrates its 30th Trail, the oldest walking art trail in the world and the brainchild of innovative artist and resident, Ann Sutton.
Gallery57 will be open for a preview on 17th August from 6 - 8.30pm.