Thursday, 2 July 2015

Staithes residency : new paintings

Starting painting again after even a short time away from the studio is always unnerving at first. So I am pleased, after a few false starts, to have completed several new pieces. These are in response to my 'mini residency' on the North Yorkshire coast and are now at Staithes Studios new gallery in the harbour. The gallery, run by artists Stef and Ian Mitchell, is showing contemporary paintings, print, ceramics and jewellery and is open Thursday to Sunday.
Catching my eye.
nature: rock formations, edges, outlines, weathering and erosion
human interventions: fishermen's huts at Port Mulgrave, the giant granite boulders of the harbour wall

top: 'finding shelter'
above: 'headland'
left: 'rockfall'
below: 'seawall'

below: Penny Nab, Staithes